Legislative Update 3-30-18



On Thursday at Midnight, the 2018 Legislative Session adjourned Sine Die.  I am proud of what we accomplished and appreciate the opportunity to serve you- and your families – under the Gold Dome.  While my service in the legislature will come to an end soon, my commitment to our community remains stronger than ever.

Funding Education

Thanks to federal tax reform and strong economic growth, the FY2019 budget fully funds the state’s financing of our local schools.  This year, the total funding for K-12 education is $9.9 billion representing 38% of our budget.

I am proud to report that my bill, HB713, passed and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.  This bill defines eligibility requirements for the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships for students.  These definitions will ensure that students from home and charter schools have an opportunity to access these educational opportunities.



Strengthening Rural Georgia

Last year, the House Rural Development Council was formed to identify pressing issues in rural communities and craft legislative solutions.

During the 2018, Legislative Session, we considered several of the committee’s recommendations and passed HB 769, which establishes the Rural Center for Health Care Innovation and Sustainability, clears the way for micro-hospitals, and incentivizes medical providers to practice in underserved, rural communities.




Enhancing Public Safety

The legislature passed SB336, which prohibits electronic communications providers from notifying subscribers who are under investigation for the exploitation of children.  This is a bill that will help law enforcement stop and prosecute child predators.

HR1414 creates a House Study Committee to enhance school security.  In addition, the FY2019 budget includes $8millino in grants to fund school security initiatives around the state.

As always, please feel free to call (404-656-0254) or email (joyce.chandler@house.ga.gov) with any questions or concerns you may have.


Rep. Joyce Chandler

District 105

Georgia General Assembly

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