Legislative Update 3-19-16

Legislative Update 3-19-16


With two legislative days left, state lawmakers are working around the clock to move legislation before Sine Die (adjournment) on March 24 at Midnight.

Protecting Religious Freedom

On Wednesday, the House and Senate passed legislation to protect religious freedom in Georgia.  House Bill 757 combines the Pastor Protection Act and language from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 to ensure that people of faith are never forced to violate their religious beliefs. To learn more about this fundamental piece of legislation, click HERE.

HOPE Scholarship for Home School Students

Last week, the Senate gave HB 798 a second reading.  This legislation allows home school students with high enough standardized test scores (93rd percentile – SAT of 1350 or ACT of 29) to be eligible for the Zell Miller Scholarship upon entering college rather than retroactively.  This is in comparison to the requirement for students from public or private accredited schools to have an SAT or ACT at the 80th percentile (1200 or 26) and a 3.7 grade point average to receive the Zell Miller upon entering college.

Hank Aaron at the Capitol


We were honored to have baseball legend Hank Aaron at the State Capitol this week.  His story is inspirational to us all!

Increasing Reporting Requirements for Courts involved with Abortions

On Monday, House Bill 555 passed the Senate by substitute and will be reconsidered in the House.  This legislation requires the Juvenile Court and Administrative Office of the Courts to compile and deliver statistics on girls 17 and younger who seek an abortion without notifying their parents. HB 555 will ensure accurate reporting and help as we fight to protect life in Georgia.

Women’s Legislative Caucus’ Servant Leadership Celebration

It was my pleasure to honor Cindy Rose, teacher at Couch Middle School, at the Women’s Legislative Caucus’ Servant Leadership Celebration.  Mrs. Rose is one of those exemplary teachers who make learning fun.  She serves her students, their parents and her colleagues as she consistently looks for creative ways to teach math. Cindy Rose is truly a servant leader!

Quality Based Education Act

This week, the House unanimously passed the “Quality Based Education Act,” substitute to Senate Bill 364, to revise annual performance evaluations for public school teachers and state mandated testing.  This bill lowers the percent of a teacher’s evaluation based on student growth (test scores) from 50% to 30% and the percent of an administrator’s evaluation from 70 to 40.

It also reduces the number of classroom observations needed for the higher ranked (3 or 4 on a 4 point scale) teachers from 6 to 3.  Current policy says a student must be in attendance 65% of the class time for his/her scores to count towards a teacher’s evaluation; SB 364 raises that to 90% attendance before a student’s scores can count.  SB 364 lowers the number of state-mandated high- stakes tests K-12 including Milestones and End of Course Tests from 32 to 24; this is done by removing Social Studies and Science Milestones tests in grades 3, 4, 6, and 7.

The bill establishes the strategic importance of reading mastery by 3rd grade and basic math mastery by 5th grade.  Also, the State Board of Education and Department of Education are asked in the bill to move the dates for standardized testing as close to the end of the semester as possible.

As we approach the end of session, please do not hesitate to call (404.656.0254), e-mail (Joyce.Chandler@House.Ga.Gov) or engage on Facebook with your feedback.  It is an honor to represent you in the General Assembly and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Joyce Chandler
District 105
Georgia General Assembly

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